Problem With Paul and Angela Backlinks

In the last year or so, the most popular way of getting backlinks was with Paul and Angela link list. How does it work? Well, each month you are paying $5 to Paul or Angela and you getting from them a list of web sites where you can drop links to your page. Usually these are high quality sites with high PR. You get between 30 and 50 sites. So, this is great way to get quality backlinks. But there is a problem.

Because this backlinks are from profile pages on this authority sites, Google spiders don't crawl them to often, and as long as they aren't indexed, you not going to get your inbound link. It takes even six months sometime for indexing. If you can wait that long, then you are ok. But if not, then you can "help" them to get indexed faster.

When ever you create a profile page on these authority sites, save a URL of your profile page. Put all of them on one list. Now you have to create a RSS feed of all your profiles. You can do this in many different ways, but in my opinion, easiest way is trough great site called IceRocket. You have to register new account, and follow on site instruction for creating RSS feed.

When your RSS feed with all profile links is created, then you have to submit it to RSS aggregators. These web pages will republish your feed. You can find many of them on net. In addition, you can use some paid programs to do submissions for you.

Next step is to do some social bookmarking and bookmark your feed. Submit your feed to as many social bookmarking site as you can, and don't miss Propeller, Digg, Mister Wong, Delicious, JumpTags etc. Google spiders visit all these sites very often so they will help with indexing.

Last thing is to ping your feed. Most popular ping service is Pingler.
This few steps will help you to get all this high quality backlinks from profile pages indexed faster.
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