Free Traffic Tactics

Free Traffic Tactics
3 Methods For Fast, Free Traffic
by the Everyday Wealth Team

Have you ever asked yourself what the best way to generate free traffic to your site was?

Ask anyone who's struggling to make money online. 90% of them all have a common stumbling block: Not enough traffic. Without visitors coming to your website and converting into customers, your online business will stay at a stand-still, you won't be able to generate any sales or have the power and influence you want to have in your market.

If you can master free traffic generation you'll have a steady stream of visitors flowing into your website, you'll be able to turn them into customers for your product or service while gaining the power and influence you want in your niche.

Free Traffic Is The Best Traffic

Getting free traffic to your website is the best kind of traffic because you can quickly achieve results and get visitors and subscribers at no cost to you. And no cost means zero risk.

So where are the best places to find the most traffic and the highest quality free traffic? Let's look at the 3 most popular websites we can capture targeted traffic from:

  • Twitter - Being one of the largest social networking sites on the net and the most active, there is no better place to find a lot of targeted visitors for your website.

    The best strategy for capturing Twitter traffic is to search for keywords related to your niche or business and see what people are saying about it -- then join in the conversation. Contribute helpful information and include a link back to your website. This will get you extremely targeted traffic if your messages are clear and concise.

    Don't just spam your link everywhere though, this is frowned upon and can even get your account banned.
  • E-zine Articles - This is the largest and fastest growing article directory online. Here you now have the ability to write a short article and submit it. While they do have people review the article to assure it meets quality standards, getting your article approved is easy.

    Following a similar process we went through with Twitter, decide which keywords you want to target and write a short piece of useful content that will genuinely help your prospects. You'll be able to include a link at the bottom of your article in your, 'About the Author' section.

    This is where you need to include your call to action and a link to your site. If you keep your article short and to to the point you can expect up to half of the people that read it to click through your link to visit your website.
  • YouTube -  The 3rd most visited website (As ranked by reaching approximately 20% of Internet users. With the popularity of video on the rise, this is one of the best sources to get ultra targeted visitors you can turn into business fast.

    Whether you'd like to just use your webcam to shoot a short, informative video or make a slide show and use screen capture software - getting your video on YouTube is a surefire way to get free traffic to your site fast. Be sure to include the link to your site inside the description of your video along with having a reference to it inside your video.

    Short on ideas? Turn your article into a script for your video.


Using these free resources to generate traffic for your site you can begin to experience a steady flow of visitors and turn them into serious business.

Now that you have the resources to start generating traffic to your site at no cost to you it's time to take action. Start now and send us your success stories - we look forward to hearing them.

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