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What is Alexa Rank:  The alexa traffic rank is stats of our website traffic we’re getting from search engine. The alexa  Traffic Rank depends on your daily website visitors and Page views the past 3 months. Search Engines and unique visitors is the excellent way to increasing alexa rank. Basically alexa collecting the ranking data with their primary information source from the user who installed the  alexa toolbar. The alexa update the website rankings daily.

A measurement of traffic to a website drawn from data provided to the search company Alexa from tracking software embedded in the Alexa Toolbar. Some people view this as an increasingly important measure of a website's success. However, it is relatively easy to manipulate the statistics and it only measures visits from users of their toolbar, who may not be your target market. If you ask your customers if they use the Alexa toolbar and everyone says "yes", then it is time to work on a higher ranking. Many people (and most anti-spyware software) view the toolbar as a possible security risk.

A ranking system setup by Alexa.com which ranks website according to the traffic they receive. The 2 main weaknesses in this system is the fact that users must have the Alexa Bar installed in order to be monitored and that a webmaster can artificially improve his Alexa ranking by visiting his own site. A site with an Alexa Traffic Ranking of 500 means that that site is the 500th most popular site on the internet (according to Alexa).

How to Improve your Alexa Rank:  Every website owner wants his website has the Good Page Rank on The alexa. It is not difficult but not impossible if you’re keeping you hard easy and Sincerity:

1. Make sure Alexa Toolbar has been installed and promoting the Alexa Toolbar with your users and friends.
2. Write Top Notch article that impressed the Guests.
3. When you’re writing keep it in your mind that Related, Unique and Useful articles that it is procedures The Alexa ranking.
4. Keep the Highly SEO to making sure that you’re driving Top Quality Traffics on your websites.

Alexa grab a Demographic You should understand that Alexa Ranking is pretty important for you website.

The Alexa also collect information’s from Search Engine. So your strong step would be making sure that the Traffics continually visiting your site other wish the arrow would be RED and go down from Green up going. So there no way without developing the Quality contents for your website.

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