What is Google Pagerank

Definition for Google PageRank:

- A web site’s popularity as measured by Google’s link analysis algorithm.
- Google Page Rank (PR) is Google's patented method of assessing a website's importance. It provides an indication of the number and quality of inbound links (backlinks) that a website has acquired from other web sites.
- PageRank is a link analysis algorithm developed by Google founders Larry Page and Sergey Brin. A number from one (lowest) to ten (highest) is assigned to a webpage as a measure of its importance, specifically the likelihood that a user will arrive at that page by randomly clicking Links.
- (PR) – A method of measuring a web site or webpage relative to other sites or pages within its subject area. The term PageRank is trademarked by Google. Basically this Rank provided by Google by following:
  1. Quality Linking with your website with a HI PR websites.
  2. Top qualified contents of your website.
  3. Relevant pages and in-content link.
  4. Unique contents of your website.
  5. Counting the numbers of the Back Linking to your website.
  6. Natural anchor text.
  7. Juicy pages.
  8. No-spam!
  9. Don’t buy links for PageRank.
  10. No deep-links.
  11. Repetitive anchor text.
  12. Allow commercialization.
This is one of the TOP reasons why the Google Page Rank is very important to calculate the Quality of a website. On the other hand if a website has generous Page Rank and a Strong Alexa Rank then this is the BEST.

Google PageRank

How to Improve your Google Page Rank

There’s no webmaster didn’t think about how to increase Google Page Rank? By following things you can improve your Google Page Rank:

- Unique and the BEST quality contents is very important if you’re looking for Increasing your Google Page Rank.
- Your Website Linking Back with TOP Quality websites.
- Keep your website updated.
- By making sure that your website has Linking with High Page Ranked Websites.
- The process of creating a web site with Meta and Text Content that can be read and understood by the various search engines.
- Anything that makes it easier for a search engine spider to find information on a website.

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