Top Steps to Increase your Google Page Rank

Google Page Rank is based on the outbound links (Back Links). Backlinks are links to other sites pointing to your website. The more back links you have the higher your PR will be.

1. Submit to top search engine directories like DMOZ, Jayde, Mavicanet, Illumirate Directory, etc. Catalogues search engines is a good way to get a free link to your website. They also increase your chances at the time listed above on popular search engines like Google, Yahoo, Bing, Overture, and AOL.

Most search engine directories allow you to submit your site for free. This will allow you to increase your Web presence, were listed on another search engine, and it will also free links.

Remember the more links you have the more your Page Rank will be.

2. Using the distribution of ads (or newsletters). Creating a mailing list would probably be most useful step you can do to increase web presence. When creating a mailing list, You will be able to keep visitors on your site for more with signatures and provides special offers.

Subscribe edition also allows you to increase your backlinks. When you create a mailing list you can leave information about your Post Dispatch in the directory. This directory will than links to your site (which gives you free links).

3. Creating and publishing articles. Articles easy source of new traffic. You can include your signature in your article. It will bring more traffic to Directories article submission.

Your signature usually consists of 4 to 8 lines. Usually the first line is the name of the site you are trying to promote. The last line would refer to website and the lines between these would offer to turn your visitors into your site.

4. Join forums, forums are a great way to achieve links to your site. In most forums you are allowed to have the signature and in your signature you can put links to your website. But another important note to look at making sure the forum more related to your site. You still get credit if it is not, but if this is related to your website than you'll performing two tasks simultaneously.

You will be advertising on your site (to attract targeted traffic) You will also build a website presence.

Your website presence is very important to your survival. The more people see or hear about your site more credibility you will have, and it increases your chances of these visitors come back and possibly become leads.

5. Links to related websites. Getting links from relevant websites can be one of the most unpleasant tasks that you can try.

They are very easy to find, but can be quite difficult to link with.

To find appropriate websites, all you need to do is go to a search engine ... Google says ... and enter your subject. Maybe your website based on the Health Guide.

You go to Google and type in the Health Guide, than you look around for pages that are more related to your site. Once you're done (which should be very easily), you should contact them somehow to get the link posted on their website. This may be the most difficult task because many webmasters ignore e-mail people requesting links because they do not see the importance of it for a while. Some other reasons could be that they are rarely online, or they delete spam, and sometimes delete their important messages in the process.

Important note: When looking for link partners do not simply link to sites that have a Page Rank 2, 3, 4 or higher. Links with someone, and you all get a chance. If you reference to someone who has zero Page Rank will not damage your page rank. This will only increase because you get links to your site. Google does not look back on the title page of links to determine what you will. He just looks at how many backlinks you have.

So if Google one day decided to make a link to a site that was just created, and this site has a page rank of 0 and a domain that goes something like this: Page Rank is not going to grow, though Page Rank Google is 10, this title is still zero, because it's only that one back link.

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