Google EMD Update

Google EMD Update

Google EMD Update
And as many of you know Google has released a new update big fear.

This time they are claiming is all about EMD sites

EMD=Exact Match Domain (For example if your keyword is Seo Services Jaipur, your domain would be

With all that said, I consider it my job to know exactly how it works and an update to let you know about it.

The good news is that I have more or less aware of this, and ironically has nothing to do with having a domain EMD...

In this post we learn

What really updating EMD
How easy to avoid
A much better way to safer keywords overnight Snipe

What really updating EMD

Before you ask, I had 2 sites hit by this update. Fortunately they were winning butt under test sites and my main sites are still kicking (many went up). My client sites are also safe too.

With that being said I have collected a truckload of data that EMD type sites was beaten and those who survived. I used this to draw some very different conclusions as to why a site is penalized.

But before we get into that, you have to realize some things.

Each domain is a domain Exact Phrase

Wait what?!

Yes..Every domain on the internet is “technically” a EMD for a search.

For example is a exact match for the search Jaipur SEO Services. Just because a search does not have many “searches” does not mean it is not a search.

Because it can not punish Google sites EMD

If every site on the web is an EMD, then Google can not punish EMD sites.
For example is an exact match for the search you can do Seo Services Jaipur. However, it is un-penalized. This is true for millions of other sites.

This means that Google is not penalizing the sites to be EMD, but by other factors

Google does not penalize sites EMD. It is punishing a "type" of site that seeks to abuse the raw EMD or other site factors.

This means that Google is penalizing for signs of abuse EMD, and not only be penalized for an EMD

So this means this update goes On-Page and Off Page Signs ... Not EMDs

Google has again told a half truth. If you do not know by now, Google is constantly about what can and can not do. They are well aware of EMD abuse, but I proved that it is literally impossible for them to orient EMDs.

The truth is that this update does not address EMDS. In fact, many non EMD was ruined sites.

Talk soon!

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